Everyday I'm Vitamix-in'!!!

I fell in love with Vitamix 5 years ago and have been dropping not so subtle hints to the hub & my mom since then!! The hub knows the wonderfulness of Vitamix (he's in love with the Chicken Tortilla Soup & the green smoothie from the demo) and my mom loves all things kitchen and cooking gadgets but hasn't been graced by the presence of Vitamix..YET!

For my birthday the hub & my parents & a little from myself went in together & I FINALLY got one :) YAY!! Yes I know, I know...I'm spoiled. But in my defense...it's SOOOOO worth it and I've only had it 2 days!

I have made 2 concoctions so far and love both!!

Yesterday for breakfast I (sorta) made the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie from the Vitamix site.

Peanut Butter - Banana Smoothie

ripe bananas, peeled, frozen 2
milk 16 oz
creamy peanut butter 2 oz
sugar 2 tablespoons
imitation banana extract 1 teaspoon

Yield: 2

Place all ingredients in a Vita-Mix® blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into tall glasses and serve immediately.

My bananas weren't frozen, and I didn't add the sugar or extract but it was AMAZING!! I poured it into a blender bottle and took it to work with me. I drank both servings and was full until dinner time!

The taste was great! Like a banana covered in peanut butter, and the consistency was about like a melted milkshake..not milky but not thick either.

I decided to make it when I brought the boy home from school and he chugged it right down & said it was tasty!

Tonight I came up with another concoction. I'm sure its been made before but it was also a hit!!

2 bananas
1 naval orange
4 pineapple slices (all I had was canned)
1/2 of the pineapple juice from the can of pineapple slices
apple juice

Blended until smooth & its oh so goood!!! Very tropical and refreshing!

I cannot wait to make more stuff and pass my addiction on to other unsuspecting Vitamix lovers!

Do you have a Vitamix? If so what's your favorite concoction?

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