I am a Vitamix Affiliate!!

This is very exciting for me!! I am a FIRM believer in spreading the word about products so when I received the opportunity to be a Vitamix Affiliate I was beyond ecstatic! I received my Vitamix as a birthday gift....and let me tell you it was a long time coming! I have been hinting bugging the husband for one for the past 5 years or so. As a group effort an investment towards my future addiction was made, and I couldn't be happier!

During the first few in store demos that we watched I was impressed, but admittedly not THAT impressed. Until....the demonstrator made Tortilla Soup. Impressed level...8/9 out of 10, then he turned right around and made sorbet...in seconds. Impression level...12 out of 10! I was immediately hooked from that moment on. Yes the Vitamix can whip up smoothies in seconds, sorbet in less than a minute, and HOT soup start to finish in about 10 minutes. Yes, I said HOT! Everything that I make seems to impress me in a different way, and I have been using the Vitamix multiple times a day.

***06-007070 ***

Visit the Vitamix Webpage, take a look around and be amazed for yourself!

Or you can contact
Janet Gladish at Vitamix at 1-800-848-2649 Ext. 2316. She is very helpful and helped me during my purchase and answered any questions that I had, even after my purchase.

Fast Food that's fresh from the garden
A whole food diet is the key to a long and healthy life. New recommendations encourage consuming more fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. This is easily accomplished by eating terrific-tasting, nutrient-rich whole food meals made in the Vitamix machine.


Steaming hot soups & sauces in 4 minutes

Juice whole foods in 60 seconds

Frozen treats in 30 seconds

Grind grains and knead dough in one 5 minute operation
Cooking soup from scratch that's hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes.

Making whole food juice that's full of fiber and flavor in under a minute.

Making frozen treats that are full of fruit and low in fat in only 30 seconds.

Grinding fresh whole grains into flour and kneading dough for healthy home made bread in one 5-minute operation.

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Nothin Like Apple Pie {Smoothies}

Ummm YUM!!!

I will take have to remember to take pictures of all the yummy stuff I'm making in my Vita-Mix...but I don't remember until my glass is half empty!!

Tonight was the Apple Pie Smoothie found on Vita-Mix Recipes. I was wanting something sweet, different, and used apples that I have in the fridge.

Apple Pie Smoothie
frozen banana 1
peeled apple 1/2
apple juice 8 oz.
cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon
nutmeg pinch

Blend. Great substitute for applesauce! Control the consistency by adding more or less chopped apple.

My banana wasn't frozen and I didn't have nutmeg, I added a couple ice cubes and blended away!! It was delicious, like a liquid cinnamon-y applesauce!


Everyday I'm Vitamix-in'!!!

I fell in love with Vitamix 5 years ago and have been dropping not so subtle hints to the hub & my mom since then!! The hub knows the wonderfulness of Vitamix (he's in love with the Chicken Tortilla Soup & the green smoothie from the demo) and my mom loves all things kitchen and cooking gadgets but hasn't been graced by the presence of Vitamix..YET!

For my birthday the hub & my parents & a little from myself went in together & I FINALLY got one :) YAY!! Yes I know, I know...I'm spoiled. But in my defense...it's SOOOOO worth it and I've only had it 2 days!

I have made 2 concoctions so far and love both!!

Yesterday for breakfast I (sorta) made the Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie from the Vitamix site.

Peanut Butter - Banana Smoothie

ripe bananas, peeled, frozen 2
milk 16 oz
creamy peanut butter 2 oz
sugar 2 tablespoons
imitation banana extract 1 teaspoon

Yield: 2

Place all ingredients in a Vita-Mix® blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into tall glasses and serve immediately.

My bananas weren't frozen, and I didn't add the sugar or extract but it was AMAZING!! I poured it into a blender bottle and took it to work with me. I drank both servings and was full until dinner time!

The taste was great! Like a banana covered in peanut butter, and the consistency was about like a melted milkshake..not milky but not thick either.

I decided to make it when I brought the boy home from school and he chugged it right down & said it was tasty!

Tonight I came up with another concoction. I'm sure its been made before but it was also a hit!!

2 bananas
1 naval orange
4 pineapple slices (all I had was canned)
1/2 of the pineapple juice from the can of pineapple slices
apple juice

Blended until smooth & its oh so goood!!! Very tropical and refreshing!

I cannot wait to make more stuff and pass my addiction on to other unsuspecting Vitamix lovers!

Do you have a Vitamix? If so what's your favorite concoction?