Fall Wreath

My new "thing" is wreaths! My Grandma used to change hers out according to the season, I always thought they were old lady-ish but now I think they are a great, cheap and easy way to decorate and show off what is usually a pretty boring area!
I wanted something that I could put up in the fall and keep up until Thanksgiving. The plan was originally Halloween then take down til Thanksgiving but that wreath turned into a mess...literally! I had melted candy corn on my door step!

So here is what I came up with, and all under $10!

What you need....

A wreath form...I used a 14" straw form because it felt more fall to me! (and kept the plastic on it because I was wrapping it in bed & didn't want straw bits everywhere!!)
Yarn...I picked up 'Falling Leaves" by TLC Essentials at Joanns for a few bucks
Felt...I got the sheets at Joanns (I think they were the 9"x12" ones) they were all around $0.50..the fancier textured ones might have been closer to $1.
Hot Glue
A comfortable place to sit
A good movie or plenty of DVR'ed shows

Basically you are just going to wrap your wreath in yarn. I made one loop around & tied on the back of the wreath so that the knot wouldn't be visible from the front. Just keep wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping....and wrapping. Every once in awhile you may have to adjust the yarn so that there aren't any spots showing through (or leave it if you want a more "rustic" look with a straw wreath. I have read that some people use a dab of hot glue around their wreath to keep it in place, I didn't see where it would be necessary unless you were preparing to hang it during a hurricane!!

Once you have it all covered tie it off on the back. I tied mine to the starting knot.

Next its time for the flowers! Cut a circle shape out of your felt. I cut different sizes so I would have different sized flowers. Use a decent size circle...a glass, bowl, small plate or measuring cup work great! You could even freehand your circles...I'm just not that talented! Now you will cut the circle into a swirl, but leave room in the "middle" of the circle for a base. You will be hot gluing your flower to the base so it needs to be a pretty good size. To cut the swirl think the things you used to draw when you played MASH! I made some a little wavy as I was cutting and gave my flowers some "texture". You could even practice with paper first to see what the results would be! Once you have your swirl cut out you are going to roll it from the outside (point of the swirl) to the inside (base). You can make the roll pretty tight or kinda loose...as long as it all fits onto the base when you are done! Once you have your roll, put hot glue on the base (enough to hold all of your roll in place)..and say goodbye to your fingerprints!! Repeat until you have the amount of flowers that you want!! I cut leaves out of a green felt as well...just the basic leaf shape and glued them under and between the flowers.

Glue your flowers how you like them on your wreath. Glue the leaves if you want them...if not, hang on the door and you're DONE!!

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